Welcome to Magellan! Where Orient and Occident meet in a unique atmosphere. Here you have the opportunity to get to know Afghanistans versatile culture.

Afghanistan – located in the center of asia – has a diverse and rich tradition. This is also reflected in the richness of the food culture. Typical rice dishes such as Kabuli Palau and our entirely handmade dough specialities like Bolani, Aschak, Mantu or the lamb meat dishes play a central role in afghan cuisine. Because of the silk road Afghanistan was connected to many peoples and regions such as India, Persia, Central Asia and Turkey that influenced the diversity of the used spices. Cardamom und coriander, turmeric and caraway, mint and dill, cinnamon and cloves, ginger and saffron give the afghan cuisine its unique taste.

We chose the name of the restaurant inspired by the circumnavigator Magellan, who explored various countries and cultures. With his name we want to combine open mindedness, diversity, modernity and tradition. Visit us for a culinary discovery tour and enjoy our home made and fresh afghan meals. We hope to accompany your meal by the typical afghan warm – heartedness and hospitality.

Noshe Jaan – Enjoy your meal

Opening hours

daily from
11.30 bis 23.30

Kitchen open from
11.30 bis 22.00


Only by phone:

+49 (0) 761 - 89 733 910